What’s easy for you? 

It is easy to be right and to be justified.
It is easy to hope.
Hope for love, friendship or devotion.
Hope for happiness and bliss.
It is easy to complain about something, to tell people what they did wrong and to tell them how they could’ve done it properly.
It’s easy to complain about things we haven’t even tried.
It is easy to be busy. To ignore the things in life which are really important and you should actually pay attention to. Your family. Your friends. Laughter. Hugs.
It is easy to say you don’t feel like doing something.
It is easy to make excuses.
It is easy to worry.

It is not easy to be kind, to tinker with something even if you actually don’t wanna do so.
It is not easy not to know and it is not easy to know.

All in all it’s quite easy to say what’s easy and what isn’t.

But is it always better to take the easy way out?

I’ve learned that you can always tell a lot about people by the way he/she handles different situations.
How do they handle a rainy day? Pouring rain? How do they react to a busker? Do they just pass him/she or do they stop and try to dance even if they are out of step?! How do they handle lost luggage? Do they get nervous and angry or do they try to control the situation and stay calmed?
(Same with tangled christmas lights by the way)



Do not grudge any pain.
I have also learned, that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you will miss them like crazy when they are gone. Keep your family as close as possible and tell them how much you love them as much as you can.
I’ve learned that you should try to reach out to someone daily. Try to touch someone.
Leave warm words, hugs and some of your happy stories.
I’ve learned that stuff like this makes people smile.
It makes them happy and gives you as much love back as you just gave away.
Probably more.
People will never forget how you made them feel while you were around. They might forget what you told them or what you gave them, but they will never ever forget about the feeling they’ve had while you where with them.

Life can be tough.
Life can be fun.
Life can be hard.
Life can be easy.

But most of all – Life is what we make it.

Most of the time you are exactly where you need to be. Sometimes time doesn’t put you in the situation you want to be or with the people you want to be with. Sometimes time takes away the people you definitely don’t want to be taken away.
To keep it easy you should always remember that everything is a choice.
It’s your choice and sometimes the people around you do not understand your decisions but they don’t need to, since they are yours.
If you reach out to one of them it’s the risk of involvement.
But risks must be taken.
So – don’t take the easy way out and take every chance you get in life.
Some things only happen once.


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