Great beginnings are not as important as the way we finish

4 Months of traveling.
I have had my days – 108 days to be exact.
108 days full of happiness.
And since it wasn’t the plan to already say goodbye to my „living-for-the-moment-life“ I am way more excited to go back to daily routine.
The other day I wrote a post and mentioned that I wanna do what I do best at the moment, and that was traveling. I also wrote that if I wake up one day and feel like I should go home and get settled I’ll do it. And here I am.
Been sitting on an airplane for more than 20h.
Constantly torn by tears of happiness and sadness.
I left something behind, which means the world to me. A completly different and independent lifestyle, which made me feel special and unique in the way I used to live it.
I had to say goodbye to people who were once strangers and became friends for a lifetime.
Who made this stay, this travel and those experiences to an unforgettable memory. It makes me cry looking at pictures and videos we took the last couple months. People like those show you how important it is to be open minded and don’t care about what others think. Don’t be judgemental. This is how friendship works and this travel has shown me how beautiful people really are. How wonderful and georgous they can be, inside and out. And how they can change your attitude to life. Forever.

On the other hand, my heart told me it’s time to say goodbye. To go home. I never felt like missing out on something at home, but I’m pretty sure there are people who need and love me, unconditionally.
And so do I.
It breaks my heart not having the chance to give my parents or friends a hug when they feeling sad.
Hearing one’s voices can most likely help you a lot, but sometimes all you need is a good friend by your side.

Flying over Europe makes my heart jump for joy.
The swiss alps are drifting past.
The pilot announces the approach to Zurich airport.

I deeply breathe.
My hands are shaking.
My eyes glowing.
Finally – home.
I can’t believe that I’m gonna clasp in one of my friends arms in a couple minutes.


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