Surprise, Surprise (double meaning, literally!) – we ended up in Gold Coast again this weekend. Even though we had kind of a messy weekend we really tried to enjoy it and the time we had together to the fullest. Since Gold Coast is pretty close to Bris and it’s quite a nice spot to party and have a good time at the beach, we decided to spend the weekend there. We actually stayed in a hostel this time, called „Budds“. If you guys ever get the chance to go to GC and look for accomodation make sure to stay there! We didn’t really know what to expect and we didn’t really care, because we just stayed for one night but we were definitely caught of guard. The rooms are quite humble and straightforward , but really clean. The staff was real fun and everyone made sure to went out of the guests way to be helpful. The hostel has a pool which was quite refreshing after our short but hot roadtrip from Bris to Surfers. Its even walking distance to the beach, clubs and all of the restaurants.

One of the guides asked us out for drinking games and joining them for a pubcrawl and since we just had to pay a chicken feed we agreed in chorus. And we probably already had one over the eight before we left – fortune smiled on me! We went to a couple of pretty nice night clubs and had a whale of time and a vast number of beers and cranberry vodka. Since the girls went home around 2am I had to make friends with some random mates, which was quite simple. I ended up with two Aussies playing „The odds game“ and if you’ve never heard of the odds game you probably never ran into a swedish girl or guy before. It’s „odds on“ the most embarrassing drinking game ever (PUN!). After we made a fool of ourselves for 1,5 hours I set out for my super cosy bunkbed.



See you soon Gold Coast, you knocked me out again!


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