ByronBay and SurfersParadise



Byron bay is probably one of the most amazing spots I’ve ever been to. This little town receives you with open arms, lots of flowers and tons of hippies. I can definitely say, that no other city or town (in this case), I’ve ever been to, had been that easy, open minded and laid back. No prejudices, no detractors. Everyone just lives for the day. It seems like they all have loads of time to surf and no one has to pursue a profession, but its really busy though, you can barely drive through town. Still, Byron bay is just marvelous and you can feel that you ended up in good hands.

Since the weather wasn’t that nice and we were on the receiving end of quick but heavy showers we decided to grab lunch quite early. And after what seemed like ages we finally got the best burger of our lives. No kidding! Best burger and best self-made fries I have ever had. But it was all over in a matter of minutes. Best 30 minutes of my life.

We also got hold of a sunny spot on the beach and even though I used a lot of sunscreen I got burnt. Anyways, we had the chance to watch fantastic waves. We also got to see the beautiful Byron Bay Light House up in Palm Valley, which is a pretty delightful spot as well. Back on topic, it was quite windy at the Light House and if you ever go there, make sure you go for a walkabout (hike) to the top, we were waiting for a parking lot for almost 30 minutes. Added to this, its 8$ per hour. Moreover you have an gorgeous view all over the bay of Byron if you are up to the mark.

We actually booked an apartment via AirBnB, which I highly recommend. It was quite fun, because we didn’t even read the description, which said that the „apartment“ is an converted garage. But we loved it! Adorable accommodation, with a lovely host.

Anyway, anyhow – our time in New South Wales was never-to-be-forgotten but we had been happy to cross the border to Queensland again, even though you will get punishment if you rear rabbits over here, its quite a nice place to live. Promise.

Surfers is always worth a visit! 

On our way back we decided to watch the sunset in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and it definitely payed off. We also had tons to catch up on from our night out clubbing in Byron, so we ended up sitting at the beach talking about all and sundry. I’m kinda happy that I got to know those girls, who are spending most of the time with me in Straya and always conjure a smile on my face. Thanks for that mates!

Surfers Paradise always makes me happy. I think its not even similar to Byron but its beautiful in a completely different way. Both places have up and downs but seriously, they definitely top the list of the beautiful places I’ve been to. Visits like that always show me how important moments can be. Sometimes its just a second, which you remember for the rest of your life. It stucks in your head. You can’t get rid of it, but thats fine. You don’t want to get rid of those moments you got to share with people you’ll never forget.  It shows me how free you are actually able to feel if you are surrounded with lovely peeps and an adorable nature. Can’t tell how happy I am.



Thanks Byron, Thanks Surfers – for having us!


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